Police Did Nothing Wrong In Sterling 棕色 Incident, According To 密尔沃基 City Attorney

密尔沃基’这位城市检察官说,警官在一月份对雄鹿队后卫斯特林·布朗(Sterling 棕色)进行骚扰时没有做错任何事,还宣布布朗应为发生的事情负责。


“原告遭受的伤害和损害(如果有)全部或部分由其自身的作为或不作为所造成,”兰利说,根据法院获得的文件 密尔沃基 Journal Sentinel.

Langley’s comments lie in stark contrast with those made 通过 密尔沃基 Police Chief Alfonso Morales and Mayor Tom Barrett, with both men apologising for the officers’ behaviour, while pledging their commitment to stamping out these sorts of incidents 通过 improving the relationship between law enforcement and the community.


我认为’不利于任何人用这种夸夸其谈的态度来发火,” Barrett said.


棕色’s attorney Mark Thomsen won’t comment until Monday, while the 密尔沃基 Police Department has thus far declined to comment.

棕色 had been stopped outside a 密尔沃基 Walgreens for parking in a disabled space, when officers took him down because he didn’t take his hands out of his pockets straight away.

事件的视频 shows no aggression on 棕色’s part.

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