Patrick 尤因 out of Hospital After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Patrick 尤因 Georgetown Coach

NBA名人堂大人物帕特里克·尤因(Patrick 尤因)已从医院获释,目前正在家里康复。

Last Friday, it was reported that 尤因 had tested positive for the coronavirus.

As a result of his symptoms, 尤因 was admitted to the hospital for the weekend.

尤因’s son, Patrick 尤因 Jr., has now tweeted out this his father is home and feeling better.

The NBA community has rallied in support of 尤因 over the past few days.

甚至前队友(也是直言不讳的批评家)查尔斯·奥克利(Charles Oakley)也表达了他的祝福。

尤因 is currently the head coach of the men’母校乔治敦的篮球队。